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Yangon_Awakening0014 ‘Yangon Awakening’ 

This is what a city looks like when it emerges from half a century of dictatorship. Burma’s political trajectory appears to be shifting from military rule toward a more democratic system of governance. And the city of Yangon awakens.

As the trappings of dictatorship are dismantled, censorship eases and surveillance abates. It is a time for the tentative telling of tales. An old poet, long hushed by government censors, composes for publication. A musician tests out lyrics previously heard only by an audience of his most trusted friends…

A body, used as a canvas, every inch of skin filled with sacred text and figures of mythical creatures, all forming a protective shield. A boxer, a monk, a construction worker, a policeman, a soldier, a taxi driver, a shipyard worker, a shaman, a tattoo master, men and women and their inked protection from evil spirits and bad luck. Enter the world of Thailand’s spiritual “Yantra” tattoo tradition…

During Cambodia’s monsoon season last year, I paid a visit to local artist Sopheap Pich, who lives far out of Phnom Penh town center. It was like travelling through an old newsreel, and life along the roads was presented to me through a “window” in the tuk tuk’s plastic rain cover, the shape of the frame constantly changing in the wind.



Ongoing – Instant film photography